Monday, June 22, 2009

Social Networking

I have decided to do my WebQuest and Instructional Website on Social Networking.
I'm going to zero in on social networking in Education.
My WebQuest will be information/sites/articles on this subject
and my Instructional Website will be instructions on how to use certain social networking sites.

Interesting that in the background of me sitting here researching information for this project I have on Fox news.
They are reporting on all the problems in Iran. The protest and so on..
I happen to hear them talking about the importance of Social Networking and look up to the TV.
They say the protesters in Iran are turning to social networking sites like and Facebook to report the latest news. Right now they are reporting on an Iranian girls pictures she has posted on twitter.
So then the news corespondents are talking about how social networking sites such as twitter are helping them to report the most up to date news information.

I found this interesting- though I will be focusing mainly on how we can integrate social networking into the classroom.
Here is Fox News getting most of their headlines from!

WebQuest vs. Instructional Website

I am reading on the two assignments that are going to be do before I even know it and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for both, how I can integrate the two so I can research on one topic and how I can make sure one is ONLY informational and one is Instructional but I can put the two together to save time.
Anyone else trying to do this?
Originally I wanted to do them as 2 separate topics but the more I look at my calender and see how we are already down to 7 weeks of this 8 week class I'm trying to be practical while I get all this work done.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have been doing a lot of reading this past week on WebQuest. I am very thankful to all the examples that are posted because before this week I have never heard of a WebQuest.
I have been searching and looking through all the information to try and figure out What is the difference between the two assignments we have to do- The WebQuest and the Instructional Website?
Can I make these assignments work together?
I'm still trying to figure out these answers. Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
I have a few answers on what a WebQuest is-
From readings I have concluded that a WebQuest is when all the information on the page is from the Internet.
So I'm thinking if I do a WebQuest on a subject I need to provide information only from the web with links to do more research on that subject.