Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week 8- I have survived

I can't believe how fast 8 weeks snuck up on me!
Its finally here! I'm so excited for a 3 week break before it all starts back up again!

Its been stressful this week- well it still is really.
I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my website.. I don't know if I have all that is needed for this website or all that he wants. I sure hope so.
Of course I have a few glitches here and there also. I hope to have that ironed out by the end of the day..
I need to figure out what is left to do with the class wiki. I can't believe how much the class has already done! How did we have time to do that during this website experience?

Thanks everyone for your support and help! Its been an interesting past couple of weeks!

Enjoy a few days left of summer!

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