Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 7

Oh Week 7... Where are you Week 8..
I'm ready to be done, well not really that would mean I need to be done with my assignments and I assure you I am not where close to ready for that.
Well some good news- we don't have to lead a discussion. Though with the way my website is shaping up I just posted to lead a discussion on the Discussion Board because I can see I'm going to desperately need the points!
So I hope its something I can fit in my day and still have the time to work on everything else that I need to...
I'm glad to have moodle checked off list completely and behind me.
I really need to dedicate more time to the class wiki. I have a bad feeling of a couple long nights coming up!
I'm trying really hard to not have to spend the weekend on the computer- Its a big birthday weekend :)
On to more classwork!

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