Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Website Design

This week I have actively been working on the website design assignment.
This has proven to be a lot more challenging to me then I would have ever guessed.
I have already taken the authoring systems class so I thought I would be OK but I'm starting to second guess myself.
I understand the tables indicating the information, interaction, and connectivity and I have my goals and objectives.. I guess the main trouble I am having is this storyboard part.
Any one else wondering exactly what we are suppose to do on this?

Also I am working on setting all this up on a site that I don't have to buy.... I have already used my free downloading of dreamweaver.
I logged on to the site- but I have not downloaded anything yet.
Has anyone used this site before? Did you download .7 or .8 version?


Karen Reiber said...

Hi Jamie
I am still in the overwhelmed stage! Tomorrow I am going to do the DREAMWEAVER tutorials--this website is very overwhelming to me! This needs to be a big week on website work for me! Karen :)

Jamie McCleese said...

I agree Karen...Its very overwhelming still!
Dreamweaver is a lot!
Im hoping to find an easier program but we shall see.
Good luck!